Very nice that you want to read more about us. We are Marjan and Robbert Leenheer, mother and son, and proud founders of Abigail Woods.
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Abigail Woods is a brand which focuses on the development and presentation of comfortable quality blouses and shirts. How did this idea come about?

The idea behind Abigail Woods

 After years of working in a B2B service industry we noticed how difficult it can be for some women to find well-fitting garment. Especially finding well-fitting blouses is very difficult. This made us to develop a blouse which shows the female silhouette . The result, a blouse which is edited on the cup size; Feline by Abigail Woods. Although the blouses of  Abigail Woods are ready-made clothing we try to approach tailor-made clothing by using an extra dimension; the cup size.
In our design process we also took notice of a longer front- and back so our blouse can be tucked in a pant or skirt. Furthermore, the blouse has plenty of nice details to assure the exclusivity of the brand. For example, we have chosen to use beautiful Italian fabrics and to manufacture the garments in Europe.
Now the blouse is developed, we are proud of the result. We hope you can also appreciate the unique fit of the feline by Abigail Woods blouse. If you are not satisfied after your purchase, you may simply return it, we will of course refund your postage. This also makes it possible to buy two different sizes in one order to try at home. Even though we try to make the perfect blouse, we do realise no single body is the same.

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And what about the men?

That's exactly what Robbert thought when the feline blouses was produced.

Although Robbert finds it appropriate to wear a shirt with double cuffs under a jacket he also noticed difficulties during his office work like typing and writing while wearing these double cuffs.

Many times Robbert was working a full day at the office followed by a formal meeting in the afternoon on which he wore a suit. This prompted him to think about whether it is possible to develop a shirt with detachable double cuffs, leaving a shirt with single cuffs. Once the setting is more formal the double cuffs can simply be attached. Thus, the idea for the manchetti by Abigail Woods shirt was born.
A nice aspect is that the same shirt without double cuffs can be worn under a sweater (with double cuffs it is not really comfortable) or casual on jeans. So Abigail Woods developed with Manchetti a shirt that can be worn during business times as well as on casual days.

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